woah look a giveaway how magical

here are the rules, yo

  • this giveaway will end on october 1st, 2014 at 12pm est
  • you must be following me (i will check)
  • there will be two winners, first place will get the bucky tote and the three pins shown above
  • second place will get this signed hand drawn doodle of bucky (sealed in a plastic print cover)
  • image
  • no giveaway blogs (i will check)
  • you may reblog only once
  • only reblogs count, no likes
  • i ship worldwide, you do not need to pay shipping
  • you must be 18 or over or have your parents permission to give me your name and address
  • when you reblog it, put it in your archive (xkit has a thing for this i think) so you know you have already reblogged it, because if you reblog it more than once you will be disqualified 
  • the winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator
  • this post may be edited and rules may be added as time goes on because i’ve probably forgotten stuff

if you want to buy the bag, it’s available here!

do NOT remove my credit or description when reblogging, or you will be disqualified

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Photo Set


wow im doing a thing its amazing.


  • you gotta be following me im sorry.
  • you can get 1 like and 1 reblog, do not spam this all over your dash
  • there will be 3 winners,

1st place wins a full color illustration

2nd place wins a black and white illustration

3rd place wins a black and white illustration

  • I will pick the winners on 7/20/14

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Don’t even talk to me right now. #dashcon #wtnv #fuckyou #thisisadisaster (at Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel)


Shit you find at Walmart. I actually want that coffee pajama. (And I might wear the first one, but only ironically.) #walmart #sorrynotsorry #selfie #nofilter #wowsometa #peepsbeinthetaglike #thatsnotaselfie #andtotesusedafilter (at Walmart Glendale - W Bell Rd)


Hail. #hydra #marvel #hailhydra #bathandbodyworks (at Bath & Body Works)


I AM LAUGHING WAY TOO HARD AT THIS. #food #icecream #what #?!


and you should really be following itsjusthoagie, which I treat like my primary blog but it’s not because tumblr is a dick


I’M READY FOR HANNIBAL GUYS. #hannibal #nbchannibal #thisismydesign #ravenstag #guyyyyysssss


There’s no time like the present! We have fun in my Black Holes and Beyond class. #time #clocks #puns #science #timeisrelative #haha #getit? (at Sands Classroom Building)


Nobody loves physics the way my son loves physics. Well, at least my physics notebook. Apparently it makes a great pillow. #cats #blackcats #pink #repix #sleep #whyyouso #cute